Element 92 Project: A Frontier of Uranium Exploration


Deep within the southern margins of the Athabasca Basin, the Element 92 Uranium Project unfolds as Oberon Uranium Corp.'s flagship venture. Spanning an impressive 5,961 hectares, this single mineral claim disposition is the forefront of our exploration endeavors. Fully owned and operated by Oberon, the project is a strategic pursuit to tap into the world's most concentrated source of high-grade uranium.

Exploring the Element 92 Project

The Athabasca Basin, renowned globally for its unparalleled uranium deposits, sets the stage for the Element 92 Project. Here, the intersection of basal unconformities and ancient bedrocks creates an optimal environment for uranium formation, making it a hotspot for both basement and sediment-hosted deposits. Located just southwest of Cree Lake and in proximity to vital infrastructure, Element 92 stands as a testament to Oberon's commitment to spearheading sustainable uranium extraction.

Accessibility, Climate, and Terrain

Nestled within a region marked by flat terrain and boreal forests, the Element 92 Project benefits from a blend of natural landscapes and strategic access points. The property is uniquely positioned for exploration, with access via winter roads or helicopter, ensuring year-round exploration capabilities amidst the challenging cold climate conditions.

A Legacy of Exploration

With a history dating back to the 1960s, the Element 92 Property has witnessed extensive exploration activities, including geophysical surveys and surface prospecting. This rich exploration legacy, coupled with the property's strategic location near major uranium discoveries, underscores its potential as a significant contributor to the global uranium supply.

Key Project Statistics

Unveiling the potential of Element 92 through key metrics that underscore its significance and the innovative exploration approach of Forty Pillars Mining Corp.

Total Area


The project boasts extensive exploration ground within the Athabasca Basin.

Deposit Targets


Focusing on both basement and sediment-hosted uranium deposits, capitalizing on the area's unique geological features.

Proximity to Infrastructure


Only 85 kilometers from the nearest major infrastructure, facilitating access to and from the Key Lake Mine.

Exploration Legacy


Building on a legacy of exploration that dates back to the 1960s, showcasing the property's enduring appeal and potential.