Silver Dollar Project: Unearthing Potential


Nestled in the heart of British Columbia's historic mining territories, the Silver Dollar project stands as a testament to Forty Pillars Mining Corp's dedication to sustainable and innovative exploration. With a 100% interest in 3,345 hectares that span across the Camborne Fault System, we're on a mission to unlock the vast mineral wealth beneath our feet, from high-grade gold and silver to essential lead and zinc.

Exploring the Breadth of Silver Dollar

Dive into the segmented heart of the Silver Dollar project, where each sector—from the historic Gilman in the south to the promising Goldfinch in the north—presents unique opportunities and challenges, laying the groundwork for our comprehensive exploration strategy.

Gilman Sector (Southern)

The gateway to our exploration efforts, the Gilman sector, houses the historic Gilman, Beatrice, and Silver Dollar occurrences. Here, history meets potential, with past operations revealing staggering grades of gold and silver. Our vision extends beyond the past, aiming to uncover new depths of mineralization within this richly endowed land.

Mohawk Sector (Central)

At the heart of the Silver Dollar project lies the Mohawk sector, a central hub of untapped potential. While detailed exploration data is underway, this segment promises a continuation of the diverse mineral wealth seen across the property, offering a new frontier for discovery.

Goldfinch Sector (Northern)

The northernmost segment, Goldfinch, is where gold-bearing iron sulphides and a variety of mineralization styles tell a story of geological diversity and richness. Our exploration strategy here is guided by a blend of historical data and modern geological understanding, aiming to reveal the full extent of its resources.

Key Project Statistics

From historic production to the scope of our exploration, these statistics highlight the project's significant potential and Forty Pillars Mining Corp's commitment to sustainable and innovative mining.

Total Area


Total owned hectares across the Camborne Fault System

Mineral Deposits


Over 85 mineral deposits, including gold, silver, lead, and zinc, underline the project's diverse mineral wealth.

Historic Mines


The project boasts a legacy of 18 past-producing mines, highlighting its rich mining history.

High-Grade Shipments


Historic shipments of 69.9 g/t Au and 89.1 g/t Ag from the Gilman segment in 1933.